Jane Eyre

29 Oct

I just finished reading Jane Eyre the other day and I can definitively say that it is now one of my favourite novels. I already have a complete bias toward 19th century english romance novels because of miss Austens brilliance so it was not hard to love it. Jane is a very agreeable character due to the fact that she is a simple girl in both looks and economy. However her low position in society does not affect her character. She is extremly blunt and always true to herself which is endearing and occasionally entertaining. And of course there is dearest Mr. Rochester. He is rude, sarcastic and also very ambiguous in his visible character. Aside from the fact that he locked his wife away on the mysterious third floor (which is but a trifle), I believe him to be very sincere in his endeavors to seek absolution and love. Jane and Rochester are so appropriate for one another because each character is accomidating to the other. Jane admires her master for all but his looks which are continually compinsated for by his understated good deeds. Rochester admires her quick wit and strength. Although it is an unexpected match in both age and standing they find in one another something worth the dangerous pursuit. Although Rochester is by no means a Knightley or Darcy, I believe he is a worthy fictional hero. I could compare Janes character to that of some of Austens as well however it is irrelevant because in the context of this tale, and in Brontë’s own right, she is a wonderful protaganist. I think between the Brontë sisters Charlotte captured my imagination and empathy greater with this tale than with Wuthering Heights, which was quite wonderful, yet dark. I could certainly see myself reading this book numerous times which I’m sure I will, and I’m already in the process of getting the movie….it’s just unfortunate Rochester isn’t handsome in reality because I would certainly appreciate watching the film that much more.


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