Just call me “Sookie”!

8 Nov

So this was the first Halloween where I have not
A) thrown together a costume at 5pm that night
B) gone trick or treating at an outrageous age

Needless to say I was rather excited for the prospect of a real Halloween. We played our game that night, did our thing and won which was incredible. Get your business done and you can make room for fun! I decided to go as Sookie Stackhouse from “true blood”. It was an easy costume to assemble, comfortable, modest and slightly similar to my own look. So you know throw together some shorts, a white t and an apron and BOOM! Instant Sookie. I drew the Merlottes logo on the shirt myself and was really pleased with the results. To top off the ultimate costume a dear friend of mine brought along some bottles of true blood. She was also being a merlottes waitress. Unfortunately nobody knew who I was supposed to be, nor did I meet a real life Bill. However I was not in any state for it to matter whatsoever. I had a happy Halloween enjoying the festivities with the spice girls and the Jamaican bobsled team. Oh what a night!


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