Top 24 Albums of 2009

21 Nov

It’s that time of year, Christmas is in the air, a sense of a new year and new decade to come. In light of the closing of this wonderful two thousand and ninth year i feel i must document the wonderful music which was released. Because this year was a lot about finding new sounds and artists i have a pretty good variety. Keep in mind this is completely objective to myself. This is my own top 24 list (24 is my favorite number), influenced only by myself. So without further ado i present my Top 24 albums of 2009!

1. Muse- The Resistance
After over a year of anticipation, Muse released a fifth album which blew me away. It is a stunning portrayal of their evolution as a band. Without a question this was the highlight of my year musically…ok who am I kidding, this just flat out made my year.

2. Kasabian- The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
An absolutely brilliant release. I couldn’t put this album way for a long time. This is their most complete album to date.

3. The Airborne Toxic Event
Debut album by this band. Completely surprised by what a magnificent band they are. This was one of the soundtracks to my summer. No one can resist a smile when they pick this one up.

4. Franz Ferdinand- Tonight
This album duplicated all the imagination and delight of their first.

5. The Cribs- Ignore the Ignorant
This album by The Cribs is a continuation of their brilliant third album. A new guitarist was a fantastic addition to their already wonderful sound.

6. One Republic- Waking Up
Sophomore effort is an incredible success. It has all the elements which were so beneficial to the first and then some. Their sound is more developed and mature and it works to their benefit.

7. Band of Skulls- Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Amazing debut album, delivers a great indie rock sound.

8. Doves- Kingdom of Rust
Absolutely stunning album by Doves. Their music is incredibly intricute and emotional. This album has a variety of different songs which combine into a brilliant whole.

9. Arctic Monkeys- Humbug
This is a much more melodic and dark Arctic Monkeys than we are used to. Although the highlights of the album for me were the harder songs i believe the new direction on this album was a great concept and it works.

10. Metric- Fantasies
I didn’t realize how wonderful this album was until late. It’s effect on me was great enough to put it in my top ten. The combination of electronic elements and rock work wonderfully and the vocals are beautiful.

11. Nine Black Alps- Locked Out From the Inside
Going back to what they did in their first album so well, rocking your face off. Nothing makes me feel better when I’m down/angry than a little N.B.A

12. Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
These French rockers deliver a fantastic, upbeat album. Anyone of any age and any musical taste can appreciate what a brilliant and fun album this is.

13. White Lies- To Lose My Life
A really dark and melodic sound to these guys. There are a few dull moments in the album but many songs that are extremely catchy and emotional. The vocals are reminiscent of interpol and their monotony is actually quite soothing.

14. Boxer Rebellion- Union
A really beautiful assortment of tracks on this album. After a few listens i quickly learned this band was extremely talented and this album certainly portrays that.

15. Iron & Wine- Around The Well
A compilation of past and present b-sides by Iron & Wine. Their music is so constantly wonderful, time has only sharpened their sound and this album provides a peek at their evolution.

16. Silversun Pickups- Swoon
While not as enjoyable and the debut release, this album provides a similar sound. Their lead singers vocals are incredibly unique and add a certain appeal. The dark tones and curious vocals make this album very intriguing.

17. Porcupine Tree- The Incident
This was the first album i had heard from the band. I was quite skeptical because they have a pretty dark image that lead me to think i was getting into some kind of ant-Christ metal. To my complete surprise it was not so! Yes they are extremely dark, the lyrics are depressing most the time, the melodies can reach a point of creepy, yet somehow the music is still incredibly beautiful. The lead singers voice is wonderful and the songs are quite dynamic. This was one of the most interesting albums i heard this year.

18. Kid Cudi- Man On The Moon: The End Of Day
One of the first hip-hop releases of the year that caught my attention.The best way to describe Cudi to me would be emo Rap. His lyrics are depressing, his beats equally. He takes hip-hop in another direction on this one, using his lyrics to say something meaningful. He could be a huge influence on his genre and encourage a new direction for rap. A very impressive debut.

19. Jay-z- Blueprint III
Ok so maybe if i hadn’t seen this man live on his Blueprint tour this album wouldn’t have cracked the top twenty four, but here we are. No matter what kind of music he is making the man is bloody talented. Although this doesn’t rack up to his older work, its a very solid album. There are some great beats and really catchy hooks. it’s the R-O-C baby.

20. The Maccabees- Wall of Arms
The Maccabees seem to have matured slightly in this album…not much thankfully because there is absolutely no reason to move away from the band they were on their first record. It still delivers extremly upbeat tracks, but you can also expect some slightly more defined songs.

21. The Rifles- The Great Escape
This is just some fantastic britrock. Great little anthems, high esteem for love and all it’s troubles.

22. Brand New- Daisy
Nothing seems to be much more emo than a Brand New record. This solidifies that. But who doesn’t need a soundtrack to their shitty mood once in a while.

23. Biffy Clyro- Only Revolutions
First time hearing this band. Obviously the fact that they are Scottish is a step in the right direction, aside from that the music speaks for itself. Some fantastic tracks on here fit for all moods. The album art is also really incredible, thank you Mr. Storm Thorgerson.

24. Mute Math- Armistice
Another sophomore album that doesnt quite exceed its predecessor but makes a valiant attempt. This album delivers the same great instrumentation, especially the drums.

So there you go, my year of 2009 summarized musically. You may agree, disagree…remember this is completely my own personal taste. I realize there is no Animal Collective, therefore my top albums of the year go against about 99% of the medias. Anyway i know it’s not over yet, but 2009 was a phenomenal year for music. Although 2010 wont duplicate (no new Muse), i hope it can deliver some gems like this year has. Hope you enjoy the list, and maybe found some new music.


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