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A Katie Arbuthnot Year in Review

22 Dec

Looking back, 2009 has been an amazing year. One of the best of my life in fact. In light of it being such a momentous and eventful 365 days, i think it is only appropriate that i document the best moments if anything but for a joyful reminder of how wonderful my nineteenth year was.
To start things off, one of the biggest events of my year was being on the Pandas womens basketball team, and making it to Nationals which were in Regina. Now i didn’t play much, but it was a great experience, especially because we placed third in Canada. The friendships i made on the team will last me a lifetime, and i still look back on the memories and find myself laughing at our crazy antics.

Nationals marked the end of my first collegiate basketball season, and basically the end to my year at U of A. But before we wrapped up our time together, a few of us went out to the mountains to shred it up! We got a great hotel in Canmore and boarded, shopped and partied like there was no tomorrow. Probably one of the worst hangovers in my life, but definitely worth it…to give you a picture of what the trip was like for only six girls, look at only this photo:

Now that I was finished school and finished basketball I was ready for summer break and travel. My mum and I had been planing a huge trip to the UK for when i had finished high school, unfortunately I went to Spain the summer before and that kind of interfered (tough break hey?). Now that i was done school and had a lot of time, we thought it would be the perfect time to finally go on our trip. The trip consisted of about 4 days in Paris, 3 in London, and 5 days in the countryside sewing our roots and drinking plenty. In Paris we discovered the Louvre in a day, climbed the Eiffel Tower, explored Versailles and ate plenty of baguettes.
After our all to brief visit to France, we were once more on the train headed back to England. Over the course of our days in London we visited Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Parliament, the Tower of London and a few Marks and Spencer’s in search of nickers and canned macaroni and cheese! Soon enough it was time to leave London behind and make for the countryside. We drove straight from London to Lyme Regis, a beautiful sea-side town in Devon. There we visited the sea and explored the town. We stayed at the most incredible Bed and Breakfast named the “Hedgehog Inn”. The bathtub had an enormous clawed tub, and unlimited sherry to boot. The area around the inn was incredibly green and rich with hedgerows lining the rows and sheep hopping along the fences. Somehow on our first evening there we navigated through a maze of hedgerows into a town of about 8 houses and had dinner at the local pub. Hands down the most incredible meal of my life. The pub was originally built in the 13th century and was very lovely. After a night at the Hedgehog we left for Somerset, the province where my mum grew up. We visited her hometown, and went on a tour of her old house and the fields she played in as a girl. After that we headed to Bath, famous for the Roman architecture and hot springs supposedly unique for their healing qualities. It was also where Jane Austen had once lived, in fact i visited where her flat was. Her being my favorite author, this was quite a treat, standing on the doorstep of a woman who wrote the stories i admire. Unfortunately Bath was the end of our journey, it was time to return to London and ultimately Canada. On our drive back we briefly visited Stone Henge which is an extraordinary sight to be sure. Seeing the airport looming in the distance, and the idea that i was to return home was extremely disheartening. My trip was unforgettable and was the most amazing two weeks of my life.

A return back to reality meant work and basketball once more. But my summer went by quite easily. I quite enjoyed the time to relax and read. I read countless books this year, the most enjoyable of which were all of Jane Austen’s novels, particularly Emma. One of things i most looked forward to this year was the Coldplay concert in Calgary. The tickets caused me unrelenting stress to purchase and the wait was excruciateing but in the end it was worth it. It was the most amazing performance i have witnessed (so far….*muse*), and Chris Martin is an absolutely incredible performer and person for that matter. Coldplay is a remarkable band, and seeing them in the flesh was more than exciting (i have never screamed so many times in my life).
Besides work and basketball, i found some time to go away a couple more times over the summer (the perks to being a westjet child). In June i went to Disneyland for what i believe was the eighth time. It never gets old, every time i go there is just as fun as the last and always brings new memories. I also visited Hawaii at the end of the summer with my cousins and grandparents. We got a house on the North Shore which overlooked the ocean and was far away from tourist pests. It was amazing going for runs on the beach in the morning, waving to the fisherman and dodging the morning crabs. Not to mention warding off the unparalleled heat. We got in some great shopping, and especially some much need beach time. The snorkeling was sub par but i did see a few turtles which is an unbelievable sight. It was my second trip to Hawaii, the first was for basketball, so seeing the state on my own schedule was very relaxing. Hawaii ended my summer, and it was time to return to school once more.

The first semester of my second year hasn’t seen anything to spectacular so far. I have my own place this year, and some new team mates to love. Basketball is better than ever, and Im going to carry this momentum into 2010.
Finally, the most remarkable thing that happened this year…the release of The Resistance. Thank you Muse for releasing such an outstanding new album. Typing this right now i am listening to it, and it never ceases to strike me as outrageously over the top, yet incredibly beautiful.

Plans for 2010 then….Well it is tough to guess where the year will take me. My ultimate goal is to make it to Scotland by the end of May. I would also love to travel to New York and yes, i would most certainly love another Disney rendezvous. I am going to see Muse live on March 29 and 30 which pretty much fulfills my number one life goal. Aside from that there’s books to read, food to eat, music to hear, drinks to drinks and people to love! 2009 was spectacular and i feel so blessed for all the experiences i had, I’m hoping to continue my great fortune in my twentieth year.


Christmas time in the Sin City

22 Dec

I recently had a nice little mini break in Las Vegas. Full of food and shopping and clean fun! When the Arbuthnots get to shopping, well you better watch out. the first night we were there we got down to business with some gambling and exploring the landscape but on the morn it was game time! we shopped about 8 hours at least hopping from outlet malls to boutiques to malls, bloody hell it was a crazy day. we had the most wonderful lunch at “La Salsa” which is undoubtedly the best Mexican food I have ever had! Shopping was successful, I got the remainder of gifts for my family and many things for myself of course! the next day my father flew down to meet us and we went to Carls Jr. (the greatest fast food on earth) and visited the Shelby Factory in the desert to lay eyes on a few of the most amazing cars out there. It was a crazy three days, which incidently is more then enough in Vegas if you are under the age of 21. I gotta say, weird as it is I am happy to be back in Calgary I miss the snow and Christmas cheer that a city like that is deprived of. Four more days until Christmas and six until I return to Edmonton, as Muse once said “time is running out”. I’m looking forward to spending the remainder of my time with my family and friends and then it’s back to business once more! Plans for the new year? Kick ass in basketball, see Muse live/confess my love to Matt Bellamy, and travel to Scotland to discover my roots! year in review in music, movies and my experiences coming soon! Happy Christmas all and God bless, here are a few photos from my trip.

Momentus day! This calls for a celebration

15 Dec

where do I start? the title says it’s a momentus day and I am not exaggerating. First of all, after months of stress and unecessary agitation the first semester is officially over today! I had my last exam and 9am and couldn’t have been more excited…oh wait, yes I could. I discovered on Monday that Muse was coming to Edmonton AND Calgary! huge news! I definetly did a celebratory dance when I found out, unfortunately it was shortly lived because I was faced with the idea that I didn’t have tickets! pre-sale today…no access to a computer. Things weren’t looking to good on the home front and I was quite afraid I wouldn’t get great seats. this was especially sad as this is going to be my first Muse gig. well driving home from Edmonton I thought to myself “dare I try on my iPhone?” and yes, I did dare. come 1:05 I was the proud owner of General Admission tickets to both Calgary and Edmonton! my mom was slightly concerned with my level of elation but that’s that. March 29th cannot come soon enough! unfortunately I have much to do in that time. Christmas, and much more basketball await, but it will definitely cap off a great year! so that was my momentus day, December 15, 2009. oh and right now I am on a plane headed for Las Vegas….yeah life is good right now!