Momentus day! This calls for a celebration

15 Dec

where do I start? the title says it’s a momentus day and I am not exaggerating. First of all, after months of stress and unecessary agitation the first semester is officially over today! I had my last exam and 9am and couldn’t have been more excited…oh wait, yes I could. I discovered on Monday that Muse was coming to Edmonton AND Calgary! huge news! I definetly did a celebratory dance when I found out, unfortunately it was shortly lived because I was faced with the idea that I didn’t have tickets! pre-sale today…no access to a computer. Things weren’t looking to good on the home front and I was quite afraid I wouldn’t get great seats. this was especially sad as this is going to be my first Muse gig. well driving home from Edmonton I thought to myself “dare I try on my iPhone?” and yes, I did dare. come 1:05 I was the proud owner of General Admission tickets to both Calgary and Edmonton! my mom was slightly concerned with my level of elation but that’s that. March 29th cannot come soon enough! unfortunately I have much to do in that time. Christmas, and much more basketball await, but it will definitely cap off a great year! so that was my momentus day, December 15, 2009. oh and right now I am on a plane headed for Las Vegas….yeah life is good right now!


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