Christmas time in the Sin City

22 Dec

I recently had a nice little mini break in Las Vegas. Full of food and shopping and clean fun! When the Arbuthnots get to shopping, well you better watch out. the first night we were there we got down to business with some gambling and exploring the landscape but on the morn it was game time! we shopped about 8 hours at least hopping from outlet malls to boutiques to malls, bloody hell it was a crazy day. we had the most wonderful lunch at “La Salsa” which is undoubtedly the best Mexican food I have ever had! Shopping was successful, I got the remainder of gifts for my family and many things for myself of course! the next day my father flew down to meet us and we went to Carls Jr. (the greatest fast food on earth) and visited the Shelby Factory in the desert to lay eyes on a few of the most amazing cars out there. It was a crazy three days, which incidently is more then enough in Vegas if you are under the age of 21. I gotta say, weird as it is I am happy to be back in Calgary I miss the snow and Christmas cheer that a city like that is deprived of. Four more days until Christmas and six until I return to Edmonton, as Muse once said “time is running out”. I’m looking forward to spending the remainder of my time with my family and friends and then it’s back to business once more! Plans for the new year? Kick ass in basketball, see Muse live/confess my love to Matt Bellamy, and travel to Scotland to discover my roots! year in review in music, movies and my experiences coming soon! Happy Christmas all and God bless, here are a few photos from my trip.


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