Fight Night in Edmonton

1 Apr

The day was March 23. It was a Friday, a typical March evening in the Gateway City, well, typical, except for the events that lay ahead. Fight Night. Pro Boxing. How could I say no to watching grown men dance around the ring, dawning ridiculous costumes and flamboyant persona’s, all in the pursuit of blood for money. My first thought upon knowing I was attending such an event was: “what does one wear to an Edmonton Boxing event?” If I could have foreseen the future, I would have discovered that the typical female garment there consisted of no more than 4+ inch stiletto’s, and rather revealing “dresses.” Unfortunately for me, I had nothing but instinct to rely on and went with that. I regret nothing.

Mr. D and myself, ready to go, entered thy chariot, otherwise known as the #9 bus towards downtown, both giddy with excitement and thirsty for blood. When we arrived at the venue we struck a pose and informed the security lady that we were on “the list,” making me feel infinitely important and superior to the peasants behind me waiting to pay for their pathetic seats! MWAHAHA!….. and so we entered, had a beer, had a chat, and took in the venue.

As the clock struck 7, we took our seats, ringside. When I mean ringside, I mean fighters entering past us, camera men walking to and fro, and hired doctors sneaking photographs of the sexy ladies declaring rounds. My experience with boxing did not exceed watching Million Dollar Baby and a single Pay-Per-View so I was left on the edge of my seat with curious excitement. The quality of the fighting was sub par. Usually one was obviously superior to the other, especially in the cases where one’s weight equaled to the upper three hundreds and the only applause I could offer was in light of the fact he was brave enough to appear shirtless and to attempt physical exercise.

With the exception of one semi-marathon match that led to a close decision in favor of the rookie, the first few matches were one-sided, albeit, exciting. However, It was the final two matches that provided the greatest entertainment of the evening. The first, a bout between ex-sparring partners was indeed a treat. From the motioned throat slitting, to the “suck it gesture”, to the dirty hits after the bell. The “Pride of the North side” as he was labeled, was the obvious winner throughout the match, however his competitor made sure the fans were entertained by blatant provocation and savagery. At times I thought I would witness a Tyson/Ear reenactment. Shame.

The final fight of the night was a female match up, which, I, being a female, found fascinating. I don’t know if I would have the gumption to allow a testosterone driven lady to lay hands on my face, my livelihood, but to each their own. Although this was the headline match up however, it was over just as soon as it had begun. Within a minute, the hometown girl laid a perfect punch, and her opponent was on the ground. Heavyweight Title fight of the world won at the hands of a single blow! Chaos ensued!

That’s me and my beau, ringside, beaming with the emotion and passion of the fights. In fact, I laid a few punches of my own post fight, I should have taken pictures of the wounds for proof. My rookie mistake. All in all, my first fight night was exceptional! It was certainly something I would love to do again, and shall look into for the future. Attending the event taught me one thing: There is always an endless amount of things to do in ones city, no matter how dire it seem! Boxing for instance! Get out there and do something new and fun, and watch  the blood fly!


3 Responses to “Fight Night in Edmonton”

  1. mathewdowling April 1, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    “both giddy with excitement and thirsty for blood” (line 12) – giddy perhaps….but thirsty for blood?Thirsty for blood just conjures up the imagery of a poor enactment of a scene from twilight outside of shoppers drug mart. A scene not likely to be success at the box office. I would say that this particular ‘installment’ of writing would have done well at the ‘blog’ office though. good work my lady.

    Mr D.

  2. Cathy April 1, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    Was Jelena Mrdjenovich the hometown girl?? I bet you didn’t know that she red shirted for the pandas back when I played :). She got into boxing when she was rehabbing after ACL surgery. Glad to hear you had fun at the fights!

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