Review: Filistix

1 Apr

I must admit, I am a stranger to Philipino cuisine, however, everyone must start somewhere. On my search for Edmonton food trucks and fantastic cuisine, I ran across the name Filistix, and whatsmore, I ran across the wonderful piece of information that they had set up a permanent residence in the University of Alberta’s CAB, or Central Academic Building. So on a lovely day in March I took off toward Filistix with my Beau and Mr. Vincent T in search of delicious foodstuffs. We all had The South Pacific (Ginataan Manok), which consists of chicken thighs, garlic, ginger, curry and chillies, all over jasmine rice. I must say, the flavors were much more subtle than I would have wished, or expected, yet, it was a creamy and soulful dish. The slaw it came with also lacked a big kick, and in my opinion required a little more acidity.

In relation to the other sources of food throughout the campus, Filistix is definitely a great choice, however, if you were to venture further, it perhaps would not be something I would crave or seek out over other gems the city possesses. Also, for 11$ a meal, one may expect something a little heftier! I know I do! Overall, I rate Filistix a B-, tasty but lacking the x-factor. I have read that the foodtruck is the superior medium for their food, so in the future, I’ll venture out, have a taste, and update!


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