MLB Playoffs

20 Oct

Its the time of year when we are on the cusp of college basketball season, and only have the pleasure of watching football and soccer on weekend afternoons. I miss prime time sports. I miss sitting down to my dinner and watching sporting heroics with a guilty dismissal of the pile of work on my desk. Yes, there is the choice of hockey, but truthfully, I would rather watch Glee of Vampire Diaries. Fortunately for me, my itch has been scratched by a dear friend I had long forgotten, baseball. During the regular season I lose most interest in Americas favorite pastime, mostly due to the fact that 120+ games takes much of the excitement out of anticipating games. So, although I can be caught checking Bostons position in the AL East, my attention is elsewhere in the sporting world.
Now, until Saturday, I must admit that I didn’t even realize the playoffs were even happening. I believe I heard a buzz or two about them but disregarded any news because frankly, no Boston, no fun. By chance however, my teammate switched on the television to watch the Yankees/ Rangers match up. I will never turn down a chance to see the Yankees lose, especially in the postseason. The Yanks did win that night thanks to one good inning in 9, however I was struck by the forgotten excitement of playoff baseball. I found myself looking forward to the next game, and wanting to watch the other playoff series.
The last time I truly followed playoffs was when the Boston Red Sox won the world series. That was obvioulsy some time ago, and this could never match that, but my goodness the excitement is palpable. If anything comes out of this, it will at least be that I killed some more time before the Devils start playing again and that I found a fresh form of procrastination. Who knows, in the future I may even for the game more seasonally. If there is one thing I need it is another professional team to place my hopes and dreams in only to be bitterly disappointed *insert Manchester United and Duke here*.
As for now, I am placing my pick on the Texas Rangers to win the Pennant. I like their style and their 7 run 9th innings. Plus, seeing a franchise win their first ever World Series would make it a very special final. The best part about watching playoffs of a sport you claim not to care about is that you feel no guilt about jumping on a bandwagon.


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